Pre-match press conference: Unai Emery

Unai Emery’s recent press conference befroe tomorrow’s match against Arsenal left some interesting quotes around his time in London, Villarreal and the Gunners and the difference between the teams, and an apparent call between Arteta and Unai previous to the former accepting the job in England. See below the translated comments from Unai:

Arsenal was a good working experience, and now I am very satisfied here with the work I’m bringing to the table. I have Arsenal in a corner of my heart, but I’m focused on getting the best out of my team

(To the question of why he called Arteta to give him advice) A common friend intervened when Arteta wanted to talk and I was happy to do so, even more, it worked for me too because I had to leave my house there and I wanted to give him the chance for him to see it, so we also discussed my home, which actually another player ended up getting.

It was a private conversation, we’re from the same region but we didn’t know each other. I told him about my experience at Arsenal and what I lived there, the positive side and the things that could have been better

Arteta has given Arsenal his personal touch, like I did. They have players with lots of technique, fast players, attacking wingers, and they play out into attacking positions very well. We will try to impose our style of play instead.

My time at Arsenal is a closed chapter, I am thankful of my time there, I kept the good things of my time there, and I am now very happy at Villarreal.

The Premier League is a difficult competition, it’s very competitive. What Arsenal is going through is a natural process, it happened to me after Arsene, in which we missed out on the Champions League spots towards the end and lost in the Europa League final, the year after things went South for different reasons. Arteta’s job was to continue some of the improvements I started, and to give it time to execute on that and bring results. It’s important to be patient and let people do their work. I see a team and a club where with time, and with Arteta in charge, they’ll get where they want to get.

We all have ego and pride, but having mnaged in Sevilla, Paris, at Arsenal, one has to learn to live with criticism and process that criticism naturally. I feel satisfied and thankful on a lot of things around my time at Arsenal.

At Villarreal, I feel proud to be part of this club, and I have the capacity to bring my work to meet my own and the club’s expectations. Tomorrow, two different clubs will meet and compete to go a step further.

We are expecting the best version of Arsenal to show up tomorrow. we are ready to go against that version.

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